Tired of ‘half-baked’ Travel and Expense Management automation?

Happay’s T&E Benchmark report 2018 states that 80% of Indian Enterprises are still using manual or semi-automated travel and expense management solutions for managing travel expenses.

Are you one of them? If yes, are you struggling with any of these challenges?


Say hello to End-to-End Travel and Expense Management Automation.

Happay delivers everything you need to manage travel expenses effectively - in a single place.

Icon01. Disburse

Simplify pre-trip planning and approvals.

Plan your business trips online with travel request forms. Route the travel requests to the designated managers for authorisation. Your travel desk & finance teams also have shared access for updating travel bookings and processing of advances.

  • No unauthorised or last minute travel.
  • Simplified travel management.
Icon02. Customise

Capture travel expenses automatically and on-the-go.

Help employees capture trip expenses automatically and on-the-move with Xpendite: our AI-powered engine that extracts expense data directly from the source - be it an SMS, email, credit card statement, Uber, etc. At the end of the trip, employees simply add the expenses to an expense report and submit them for approval.

  • No manual expense filing.
  • Timely expense report submission.
  • Happy & productive employees.
Icon03. Report

Make sure travel expense reports are 100% policy compliant.

Automate travel policy enforcement with Happay’s policy engine. Lift and shift your policies from paper onto the Happay system. At the time of report submission, our system auto-checks all expenses with policies and triggers violation alerts, educating employees to make corrections

  • Strong anti-fraud controls.
  • No manual verification of expenses.
  • Employees don’t need to remember policies.
Icon04. Track

Speed up expense report approvals, while keeping employees in the loop.

Happay shows approvers all the information they need to make an informed decision. Approvers have complete visibility into expenses that violate travel policy and can seek further clarification from employees using our real- time chat functionality. Employees ,on the other hand, can easily track where their report is in the approval process, and which approver has taken what action.

  • No chasing managers for approvals.
  • Complete visibility into approval trail.
  • Auto-approval of expenses that are compliant.
Icon05. Reconcile

Reconcile expenses and process travel reimbursements with ease.

With consolidated data available for every trip in real- time, finance teams can reconcile expenses without any hassles. The settlement dashboard also shows the report summary with the amount to be credited, helping companies process travel reimbursements quickly.

  • End-to-end audit trail.
  • On-time travel reimbursements.
  • Stress-free audits.

Turn travel expense data into actionable reports.
Get the right answers.

Get answers to pressing questions. Our analytics engine converts spend data into compelling reports
that CFOs can use to drive cost savings, improve policy compliance, simplify complexity, and optimise
internal processes.

Who are your most expensed categories and most used travel vendors? Can you negotiate better deals with them?
Which sectors or regions are employees frequently travelling to?
Which user groups are the biggest spenders or the most frugal spenders?
Which department or team or user group submit the most non-compliant expenses?
Which expense types/categories have the highest % of non-compliance?
Which users are booking flights less than two days before travel?
What is your true cost of sales?
Which approvers are the most lenient or the most inflexible?
Which approvers are the biggest bottlenecks in the approval process?

Integrate Happay with systems you already use.

Happay seamlessly integrates with various accounting and ERP systems and saves your precious time on repetitive tasks. You can also export custom reports from Happay with a single click.


More Power with Enterprise-ready capabilities

Scale with confidence and move your business forward with our Enterprise suite.

Enterprise-grade Policies

Configure policies across multiple attributes & criteria such as employee grades, categories, cities, etc.

Enterprise-grade Workflows

Create workflows with multiple levels and deviations to replicate hierarchies of different entities, departments and teams.

Enterprise-grade security

Ensure sensitive information remains secure in accordance to enterprise-grade security standards.

SAML-based Single Sign-on

Save users from having to memorise multiple passwords. Enable a single login for all enterprise systems including Happay.

Audit trail and logs

View a detailed trail of all users and account activity. Track the chain of evidence in case of ambiguities.

GST Compliance

Our GST module helps you capture GST details automatically and claim GST input credit with ease.


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