Travel and Expense Management Software

Streamline your travel and expense workflow from travel bookings to accounting.

What is Happay ?

Happay is a Travel and Expense Management (T&E) software that integrates your travel expense workflow from end-to-end, and gives you real-time visibility and control over all travel spends, from any desktop or mobile device. Happay eliminates cash and paper and makes expense management simple and hassle-free.

How Happay Works

Employees get Happay Prepaid cards, pre-loaded with money. They use the card for a variety of travel expenses like airfare, hotel, food etc.

Happay Travel Expense Report Software

Easy expense reporting, on-the-go

With Happay, data no longer needs to be entered manually, multiple times in multiple systems. Travel expenses incurred on the Happay card are auto-captured on the Happay mobile app. Employees can take a quick photo of the receipt and generate expense reports with a click of a button.

Travel Management System

End-to End integration of travel expense workflow

Happay’s travel and expense management software automates and streamlines your expense workflow from travel booking to accounting. Travel expenses are captured automatically for employees. Expense Report approvals are extremely quick for managers, and reconciliation is quick and easy for accounting teams.

Travel Management System

Accurate reporting with policy compliance

Happay notifies your team of any errors or issues that might prevent expense reports from getting approved.


Happay identifies errors in expense reports and prompts employees to take action.


Track the report status from web or mobile. Happay sends your team email updates as the report passes through each step of the approval process.


Happay notifies employees of pending or unsubmitted expenses. Managers and finance teams are sent reminders for pending reports.

Complete visibility into travel spends - 24X7, 365 days a year

View and track where employees are spending their allocated funds, in real-time, from Happay’s web dashboard or mobile app.

Happay Web Dashboard

Tight Control over travel spends with limits and policies

Set weekly or monthly spending limits on cards instantly, online. Decide where the card can be used with spend policies. Block cards with a click of a button.

Happay Travel Expense Card

See what’s costing you money. Identify saving opportunities.

View spending by employee, project, category, or time period. Compare budgeted vs. actual spend at any point in time. See which projects or clients are costing you money and identify saving opportunities.

Happay Travel and Expense Management System

What our customers are saying...

"Ecozen is a proud Happay Customer. We strongly recommended it to other startups to do away with expense reporting and cash management woes."

Devendra Gupta, CEO, Ecozen

"Happay has streamlined our process and made it paperless. Also, we are spending 70% less time in managing expenses. As a secondary effect, some of our other business processes have also become faster, as people can decide on their own now."

Sony Jacobs, Finance & Accounts,Windmills Craftworks

Stop wasting time on cash and paper.Streamline your Travel and Expense workflow today.

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