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Anshul is a computer science graduate from IIT Kharagpur (2010). Post engineering, he grabbed the most coveted job at Microsoft Research Lab. He spent two wonderful years at MSR, filing 2 patents and publishing 4 papers in International Journals. However, this did not appease his hunger for learning, creating value and making that significant impact in the society he so desired. So he decided to quit his job to start Happay.

Anshul loves coding. He can code for days continuously, and likes to make things work. When he is not coding, he can be found reading about entrepreneurs, listening to music, or explaining his new found discoveries to others. He also loves traveling and visiting new places with different cultures.

At Happay, he looks after technology and possible business collaborations.

Happay Varun, Expense Management Software



Varun comes from a business family and hence believes that starting a business is his birth right, which in modern terms is called ‘entrepreneurship’. Like Anshul, he too is an IIT Kharagpur graduate (2010). After graduation, Varun took up a job at the TATAs, which he thought was ‘too’ comfortable.

He is passionate about technology and loves to use it to make lives easier. He is obsessed about creating awesome user experiences and makes sure nothing is ever compromised on that front. He is proud of his Marwari business skills and is using them with full gusto to make Happay the most preferred mode of payment.

At happay, he is responsible for Sales, Marketing and Operations. He sells what Anshul builds.

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