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Everything you need to get started and make Happay work for you.

Getting started as a new user

Welcome aboard! This guide will help you set up your Happay account for the very first time.

Setting Up Your Account

Once your organisation adds you as a user on Happay, you will receive an invite email from us. From your desktop, go to your work inbox and search for an email from Happay.


Open the email and click on the ‘Confirm Email’ button.

Happay Confirm Email


On the next screen, enter your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your number.

Happay Enter Mobile Number


Next, enter your user details as shown below.

Happay Enter User Details


Enter a password for your account.

Happay Enter Password

That’s it. Your account is set up.

Now you can sign in to your account anytime with your mobile number and password.

Downloading The Happay Mobile App

Happay works best on mobile. With Happay’s mobile app, you can capture and report expenses with ease, on-the-go. Start by downloading the app on your smartphone.

Downloading On an Android Phone

Search for ‘Happay- Expense Management’ in the Google Play Store. Click the  INSTALL  button to begin the download. Here is the link:

Happay Android Phone App

Once the app has downloaded, select Open or launch the app from your home screen. Enter your happay credentials (registered mobile no. and password) and log in.

Downloading the app on an iPhone

Search for ‘Happay’ in the Apple App Store. Click the GET button to begin download.

Happay Iphone App

You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password.

Once the download is complete, open the app. Sign in with your registered mobile number and password.

Using The Happay Mobile App

Imagine managing your day-to-day expenses right from your mobile phone. That’s the Happay app for you. Request money when you need it, capture expenses as soon as you incur them and send reports even when you’re not in office. This guide shows you how all this is done.

Requesting Money

Need funds for your next business trip? Request them right from your mobile app.


Click on ‘Request Money’ on the Homescreen.

Happay Request Money


Click on the ‘+’ sign to add a new money request.

Happay Add New Money Request


Enter the amount of money you need and the reason you need it. Click on save.

Happay Enter Money

Happay then sends a push notification to your manager. Your manager can approve the additional funds right from his or her phone and load the money on your Happay card with a click of a button.

Creating A New Expense

With Happay, you can capture expenses as they happen. You can add card, cash or mileage expenses.

Adding A New Card Expense

Happay’s prepaid cards allow you to make business related purchases without dipping into your personal funds.


As soon as you use your Happay card for a business expense, you will get a push notification on your mobile phone. Click on the push notification.

The card expense window opens up as shown below.

Happay Click On Puch Notification


Click on the receipt icon on the top. Choose how you want to upload the receipt - take a picture or upload the receipt from a folder.

Happay Click on Receipt Icon


Fill in the rest of the details.

You will notice that the merchant name, amount and date are auto-filled. These cannot be altered. Add a category and description.

Happay Fill in the rest of Details


Click the save button on the top right corner of the screen to save your expense.

Adding A New Cash Expense

Not all expenses can be done by card. Whenever you need to spend in cash, you can withdraw money from your Happay card and add expense entries against the cash withdrawals.


Click on ‘Create Cash Expense’ on the Homescreen.

Happay Create Cash Expense


Click on the camera icon. Choose how you want to upload the receipt - take a picture or upload the bill a folder.

Happay Click On The Camera Icon


Enter details - merchant name, amount, category, description and bill.

Happay Enter The Details


Click the save button on the top right corner of the screen to save your expense.

Adding A New Mileage Expense

Using your personal vehicle for business purposes? Capture those mileage expenses on mobile.

Click on ‘Create Expense’ on the Homescreen. Switch to the mileage tab. There are 3 ways to record a mileage expense - using GPS, selecting source & destination or manually recording the distance travelled.

To start, try manually recording the distance travelled. Select ‘Manual’ from the list.

Happay Add New Mileage Expense


Enter distance travelled in kms.

Happay Enter Distance Travelled


Select the mileage rate that applies to you. Once you select the rate, the amount will be auto-calculated.


Add the category and specify the source and destination of your travel in the description field.


Click the save button on the top right corner of the screen to save your expense.

Creating And Submitting New Expense Report

Imagine creating your expense report without using paper or spreadsheets. It’s possible with Happay.


Click on ‘Create New Report’ on the homescreen.

Happay Create New Report


Give the report a title and fill in other details.


Click on add expenses tab. Either create a new expense then and there or select from the ones that you’ve already recorded. If you choose to select from existing expenses, tick the expenses you want to add to the report.


Click on ‘Submit' to send the report for approval or click ‘Save’ to revisit the report later.

Happay Click on Submit

Using The Happay Web Dashboard

Employee dashboard is a platform that helps you to manage all your expenses and reports from one single place. The Web Dashboard can be accessed on the Desktop or a Laptop. It functions just like the Mobile App and there is a real-time sync between the app and web dashboard. This means that as soon as you do any action on dashboard, it is visible on the mobile app too without any time lag and the reverse is also true.

Happay Web Dashboard

Requesting Money

When you know that you will be incurring expenses that are more than the balance on your card, you should raise a money request. You can do this from the web dashboard itself. As soon as your manager approves the request, your card will be loaded with funds.

Requesting for money takes 2 steps and just 10 seconds. Follow the steps below:


Click on '+' icon in the Money Request block.

Happay Click on Money Request block


Add the amount of money you need and the reason. Now Click save. Once request is approved, you will receive the funds on your card.

Happay Add the amount of money

Creating A New Expense

Adding A New Card Expense

Happay cards automatically capture the expenses. All you have to do is assign the right category and attach a photo of the receipt.

Happay New Card Expense


Click on ‘Expenses’ block on the dashboard.

Happay Click on Expenses block


You will see all the expenses done. Choose the card expense that you want to edit. Click on the edit icon.

Happay Click on the edit icon


Merchant name and amount are auto-captured and hence cannot be edited. Enter other details , for eg: description and category.

Happay amount are auto-captured


Click Save. That’s it.

Adding A New Cash Expense

If you are not able to use the card at some places like paying auto fares or bus fares etc, you can add cash expenses too.


Click on ‘Expenses’ block on the dashboard.

Happay Click on Expenses block On The Dashboard


Click on the blue ‘Add Expense’ button on the top left.

Happay Click on Add Expense


Choose ‘Cash’ Tab and Enter details.

Happay Choose Cash Tab


Click Save and it’s done!

Adding A Mileage Expense


Click on ‘Expenses’ block on the dashboard.

Happay Click On Mileage Expense Block


Click on the blue ‘Add Expense’ button on the top left.

Happay Click on Mileage Add Expense


Choose 'Mileage' Tab and enter details.

Happay Choose Mileage Tab


Click Save and it’s done!

Creating & Submitting An Expense Report

Creating an expense report in the traditional way can be frustrating. But with Happay, it is a Happy experience.

You no longer need to spend hours entering expense data in spreadsheets and attaching multiple paper receipts.

You can simply select expenses to be included and generate expense reports for them in 15 seconds.


Click on the ‘Reports’ block on the dashboard.

Happay Click On Reports Blocks


Click on ‘Create Report’ button in the top left corner.

Happay Click On Create Report button


Enter a Report name and appropriate description. Click Next.

Happay Enter a Report Name


For adding expenses to the report, you may choose from
existing expenses or add a new one.

Happay Adding Epenses to the Report


If you choose, ‘Select an existing expense’, you will see the below screen.

Happay Select an Existing Expense


If you choose, ‘Add a new expense’, you may add a new cash
expense or mileage expense.

Happay Add a New Expense
Happay Add a New Cash


After adding the expenses, Click ‘Submit’ to send the report for approval. Or if you wish to make changes, click on ‘Back to edit mode’.

Happay Send the Report For Approval

Happay Card FAQs

Cards are an essential part of our day to day lives now. Whether it is booking a cab or paying the phone bill, we use cards everywhere. For Business Expenses, we need to submit reports for all the expenses we make. Therefore, a card that is linked to an Expense Management solution makes expense recording and reporting, very easy and seamless. This is what Happay does. Happay is a prepaid card, issued to you by your company, for making business expenses.

What is the Happay Card?

Your Happay card is a corporate card funded by your company. You can use the card for all expenses that you incur on your company’s behalf.

Where can I use the Happay Card?

Happay card works like any other VISA debit or credit card. You can use the card to make purchases at any online or in-store VISA merchant. You can also use the card at ATMs to withdraw money.

How do I pay with the Happay Card Online?

Happay card is used just like any other card, for online transactions. When you hit ‘checkout’ on any online merchant’s website, you will be directed to the payment options page.

  • 1) Select Credit Card as your payment option.
  • 2) Enter the card details.
  • 3) Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  • 4) Click Submit.

How do I pay with the Happay Card at in-store merchants like supermarkets or restaurants?

While making the payment, the cashier will swipe your card through the POS machine. You will be asked to enter a PIN to authenticate the transaction. This is a 4 digit PIN that comes as part of your Card kit. Enter it and the transaction will be processed.

How to activate the Happay Card for use at ATMs?

To activate your Happay card for use at ATMs, you have to submit KYC documents to Happay. This is a mandatory requirement. KYC documents include ‘Proof of Identity’ and ‘Proof of Address’. You can submit these by clicking pictures of the documents and uploading them, either on app or web dashboard.

How to use the Happay Card to withdraw money from ATM?

Happay Card can be used at the ATM like any other debit card. While withdrawing money from your Happay card, select ’SAVINGS’ as the type of account. Rest of the steps remain the same as with any other card.

What to do if my Happay Card is lost?

If your Happay Card is lost, you must prevent its misuse. It is very easy to do so with the Happay app.

Open your Happay mobile app. And then the menu

The ‘Card Status’ button is ‘ON’.

You have to click on it to turn it ‘OFF’. You will be prompted to enter your password for authorization.

Once card is switched off, it is deactivated for use.

You can also switch off the card by logging into your web dashboard and clicking on change card status button. It is under the User Details section.

Finally, send an email to for a new card.

Once we verify your details, we will send you a new card in 4 business days at your organization’s address.

Additional FAQs

Each expense report that is created on Happay is assigned a status. This status describes a report’s stage in the reporting cycle. The status of a report changes when an action is taken on it. There are 6 different kinds of status, as described below. You can filter the reports based on status by using the filter options.

Happay Additional FAQs

Expense reimbursement is a method by which companies pay back employees for the expenses they may have incurred for business-related needs. In the Happay system, there is a proper record of all the expenses done and hence your company can process reimbursements much faster. The timeline for reimbursement depends on your organization.

Expenses that do not meet the criteria for an approval or verification are declined.

Some common reasons for a declined expense are:


If an employee hasn’t submitted his/her expenses along with the attachment of the photo of a receipt or a pdf, the manager or finance may decline the expense.


If an expense violates the company’s expense policy, then the expense can be declined.


If the amount of expense does not match the amount in the attached bill, then it is grounds for declining an expense.

When an Expense is declined, it may be rectified by making the necessary correction. If no correction is done, then it will be automatically treated as a personal expense.

ATM withdrawals are done for expenses that need to be paid in cash like Bus fare, Auto fare or at places where there is no service for card payments.

The Happay system records the transaction for an ATM Withdrawal and then expects you to add the cash expenses against it.


You can report expense against ATM withdrawals as explained below:
Click on Add an Expense


Go to Cash Expense tab and Fill in details like Merchant Amount and choose the appropriate category.


Attach a picture of the receipt and Click Submit.

An expense cut off date is a date by which all expenses for a particular time period must be submitted. Expense cut-off date must be followed for the following reasons:

  • To make the expense management process smoother and hence make reimbursements faster.
  • To ensure that the accounting books get closed on time.
  • To make accounting easy for finance department.

Admin Guide

Get to know the basics and few tips on how to manage your expenses on-the-go!