Corporate Card That can be controlled Via An App

Send money to employees with a click of a button.Track and control employee purchases in real time. from-anywhere.


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How Happay Works

Happay is built for businesses that need to spend money in lots of places at once, without having the hassle of filing paperwork or dealing with physical cash.Employees use Happay cards for business expenses. CXOs and finance teams load cards, track expenses, set limits and approve spends instantly, from anywhere.

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Why CXOs Love Happay

Ease of use, complete transparency and dynamic cost controls makes Happay a hit among CXOs and Finance Teams.

One click
fund transfer
Spend Limits
Switch on, Switch
off cards
transaction tracking
One click
expense approval
Reporting by

Why Employees Love Happay

Instant money access, cashless transactions and paperless expense reports makes Happay a hit among employees.

Spend with Happay
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Submit Expense
Reports on-the-go

Say Goodbye To Petty Cash and Expense Reports Once and for All