Make Petty Cash Obsolete with Happay Cards

Eliminate Cash Leakage. Achieve 100% accounting accuracy.

Load Petty Cash Funds
on Happay Cards.

Set limits and track expenses
in real-time.

Get digitized records of cash
receipts and settle accounts.

Happay cards are a smarter alternative to traditional petty cash.

With Happay cards, you can distribute petty cash funds to employees instantly and have complete visibility and control over where that money is being spent in real time via web or mobile.

Look who’s using Happay Cards for petty cash management!

Restaurants, educational institutes, hospitals and consultancy firms assign Happay cards to employees/admins across different location for petty cash expenses.

“Happay has simplified our accounting and tracking of expenses significantly. We have been using Happay Cards with the integrated mobile and web dashboard in our Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai outlets. All disbursements to our branches and all expenses are automatically recorded and verified, and hence they can directly be imported into accounting.”

“As a CEO, I’m faced with the conflict of wanting to empower my distributed team while having to maintain tight expense control - happay enables this perfectly! I would highly recommend this application to other CEOs.”

- Griffith David, Founder and CEO, Habanero

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Load Petty Cash Funds on Happay Cards.

You no longer need to keep petty cash in envelopes, boxes or drawers. You can load the funds to your company Happay account and then distribute them to employee Happay cards with a click of a button.

Petty Cash Format

Easily monitor how funds are being used.

Don’t wait for employees to submit bills. View in real-time what was purchased
and paid for using the petty cash funds allotted to each employee.
petty cash management

Track cash balances in real-time and control cash flows.

Compare how much money was spent on cards, how much was withdrawn as cash and
how much is remaining on-hand. Settle with accuracy.

petty cash management - Happay

What our customers are saying...

We had to dedicate one person specially for petty cash settlement, checking for supporting documents etc. and we always had to borrow someone’s card for online expenses. We have been using Happay Cards with the integrated mobile and web dashboard for three months now. With Happay, all the expenses are automatically recorded and verified, and hence they can directly be imported into accounting. It has freed up one person for doing more productive work.

Happay has streamlined the process and made it paperless. Also, we are spending 70% less time in managing expenses. As a secondary effect, some of our other business processes have also become faster, as people can decide on their own now.

Sony Jacob

Finance and Accounts, Windmills Craftworks

Approve and reject expenses with a click of a button.

View expense reports sent by employees from your admin dashboard. Easily match expenses with
digitized receipts. Approve or reject expenses with comments.

petty cash expenses



Employees can capture all sorts of expenses instantly on mobile and generate expense reports with a click. Say goodbye to manual data entry.


Employees can snap photos of expense receipts from their smartphone camera and sync it with their expenses on the Happay mobile app. Time to chuck that pile of paper receipts.


Managers and Finance Teams receive instant email notifications when an expense report is submitted by employees making the approval process faster and more efficient.


Mangers and Finance Heads can pre-authorise spending by setting weekly or monthly limits on individual Happay cards. They can define spend policies - allow or restrict card usage.


Top management can see spending trends by employees, categories or across any time period in a snap. They can compare budgeted versus actual spends and manage cash flows in real-time.


Finance teams can directly import expense data to accounting softwares like Tally and Quickbooks. Expense integration will never be this easy.

Start managing Petty Cash with Happay today.