Tailor Made

Tailor Made

Petty Cash Management for Retail Outlets

Petty Cash Management-Simplified At Its Best

Real-Time Visibilty

View every rupee spent at every outlet - that too just when it happens

Remote Petty Cash Management

Load and transfer money across outlets - with the click of a button.

Spending & Reporting - On the Go

Spend with Happay Cards and report expenses via mobile app - anywhere, anytime.

Petty Cash Management - Simplified and Streamlined with Happay

Give a Happay Card to each Location

Branch staff can use Happay Cards for ATM withdrawals, Online & POS spends.

Load Money on Cards & Set Branch Limits

Load money on Branch Happay Cards via the Admin Dashboard and set spending limits for all branches.

Centrally Track & Manage Spends from a Single Dashboard

Multi-functional dashboard for loading,transferring funds as well as controlling & approving expenses.

Happay Knowlarity, Expense Management Solution

It is saving half a day for 1 person, so 15 days worth of salary is being saved every month. It's a tailor made solution for petty cash

-R. Manjunath, Finance, Health & Glow

3500+ companies have digitised travel claims and reimbursements with Happay…

Happay Clientele, Corporate Expense Management Solutions

…and have seen amazing results.




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Streamline and Simplify Petty Cash Management Today!

Employees love how easy it is to report expenses on Happay

On-the-Spot Expense Reporting

Employees can spend on the go and report petty cash spends via the employee app.

Capture of Bills across Relevant Categories

Employees can mark expenses across categories like mileage, stationary, maintenance etc.

On Time Settlements

Expenses are reported and settled on time via digitized bills and approval alerts.