Simplify branch petty cash management

with Happay's petty cash cards and software

Happay Petty Cash Balances Dashboard

What is Happay ?

Happay is a card-based, petty cash management solution that helps businesses with multi-site offices, branches or retail stores to manage petty cash from a centralised location.

How Happay Works

Happay Petty Cash VISA Card

Give a Happay card to each location.

Your branch staff can use Happay Visa cards for ATM withdrawals, Online and POS spends.

Happay Petty Cash Load Money

Load money on the cards & set branch limits.

Load petty cash funds on branch Happay cards from your dashboard. Set spending limits for each branch to keep expenses in check.

Happay Petty Cash Admin Dashboard

Centrally track and manage all spends from your admin dashboard.

Stay on top of balances, load or withdraw funds, view transaction summary, approve expense reports all from your dashboard.

Admins love the Happay dashboard - complete visibility, quicker recon

Happay Petty Cash Track & Manage Dashboard

Real-time visibility on cash balances

Quick top-ups, No low balances

Monitor outlet-wise cash balances in real-time and top-up cash before an outlet runs out on its balance.

One click reconciliation & reporting

Designed by Finance teams for Finance teams

Get excel reports with data you need. Compare cash withdrawn vs. cash spent and accounted for. Settle with speed and accuracy.

Closing of books on 30th every month

Cut-off dates & policies for timely submissions

Define expense reporting policies, rules and workflows within the system for hassle-free closing of accounts.

Employees love how easy it is to report expenses on Happay

Happay Petty Cash Admin Dashboard

On-the-spot expense reporting

No forgetting to record an expense

Your branch staff can record expenses instantly and on-the-go with Happay’s employee app.

Quick capture of bills on mobile

No lost or misplaced receipts

Branch staff can take photos of the bills and upload it on the app. They can further match each expense to its relevant category.

Hassle-free reimbursements

Since expenses are recorded on time and supported with digitised bills, approvals are faster and branch staff is reimbursed on time.

Rich reporting for controllers and decision-makers

Our real-time data analytics help with everything from budgeting, to cash planning, to fraud detection.

Happay Petty Cash Report Expense

We believe in results

Companies that have used Happay to manage petty cash expenses have seen excellent ROI







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5/5 stars
Petty Cash Management Software, As a CEO, I’m faced with the conflict of wanting to empower my distributed team while having to maintain tight expense control - happay enables this perfectly! I would highly recommend this application to other CEOs