The Simplest, Fastest &
Smartest Invoice-To-Pay Workflow.

Say goodbye to manual data entry, long-drawn approvals,
invoice errors and duplicate billing of invoices.


Capture Invoices From any Source Using AI

OCR SuperVision

Capture Invoice Details
in Seconds Using OCR.

Drag & drop invoices onto the Happay system and let Happay work its magic. Our OCR SuperVision scans through the invoices and auto-fills vendor details, invoice ID, payable amount, invoice date and more. The invoice is ready for payment in no time.

Digital Mailroom

Capture Invoices Directly
From Your Email Inbox.

Forward any and every vendor invoice to our digital mailroom address. Our system automatically creates an invoice draft in your account which you can review and submit for processing. You don’t lift a finger, nor do you worry about forgetting or misplacing invoices.


Boost efficiency,
eliminate fraud and
improve visibility.

Everything you need to improve visibility into
cash flows, ease collaboration, boost process efficiency and increase compliance.

Workflow builder

Divide the workload without losing control.

Take the weight off of your finance team’s shoulders. Distribute the workload among your team. Employees submit invoices; managers approve them and finance team processes payments - all on the same platform. Using ‘Roles & Permissions’, define how users can use the Happay system - without compromising on security or privacy of data.

Compliance Engine

Automatically calculate
GST and TDS liability.

Efficiently capture the taxes applicable at the time of capturing invoices. Claim GST input tax credit with ease.

Duplicate Checker

Never process the same
Invoice twice.

Never process the same invoice twice. Easily spot and block duplicate invoices from entering the approval workflow - with AI and pattern recognition.

Current A/C integration

Pay vendors without logging into NetBanking.

Link your bank accounts with Happay and process payments to vendors directly from Happay.

Audit & Comment trail

Make invoice the centre
of collaboration.

Easily view who created each invoice, authorised it and processed the payment. Get a real-time view of all comments and conversations exchanged on the invoices.

User Notifications

Boost process speed and efficiency.

Prompt employees to submit invoices for payments; approvers to approve pending payments on time; finance teams to process payments when they’re due.

Vendor Notifications

No more vendor queries
like “Where’s my money?”

Notify vendors once payment is processed and eliminate vendor queries on email or call.

Accounting integration

Export data to accounting
with a click of a button.

Export invoice and payment data to your accounting or ERP software - with a click of a button.

Cash flow Analytics

See payment data in context.
Convert insights into savings.

Our custom reports, interactive collection of widgets and
easy-to-understand data visualisations help you identify
opportunities to save both time and money.

Get ready for...


faster invoice-to-pay cycle


lower invoice processing cost

Automate Invoice Management and
Vendor Payments today.