Frequently Asked Questions


Happay is an intelligent and intuitive expense management solution consisting of Happay Prepaid Visa® Cards that can be managed and controlled via desktop and mobile.

Employees use Happay Prepaid Cards for business expenses like travel, fuel, accomodation, utility payments, petty cash expenses etc. Company admins allocate money on cards, track expenses, set spending limits and policies - right from their web or mobile dashboard, in real-time.

Happay helps organisations fund business expenses easily and quickly and achieve real-time visibility and control over all business expenditure.

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The way organisations fund and manage their business expenses has remained the same for decades. The entire expense management workflow from recording of expenses to accounting them is every bit as sluggish, broken and inefficient as it was before.

  • Business expenses are still made in cash.
  • Employees waste hours creating expense reports, manually.
  • Management has no idea about how their money is being spent.
  • Accountants spend days reconciling stacks of paper receipts and spreadsheets.

Happay has reinvented the expense workflow from the ground up; we have stripped it off and scrubbed it clean of all its shortcomings mainly cash, paper and manual data entry.

How does Happay benefit CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Managers?

  • One-click fund transfer: Immediately send funds to employees nomatter where you are or they are with a click of a button.
  • Pro-active control: Pre-authorize and control employee purchases. Set budgets and policies on individual cards, switch cards on/off and remove funds if necessary.
  • Real-time capture: See who’s using the card for how much within seconds of a card swipe
  • Fast approvals: Approve expense reports on-the-go, from your Happay admin app.
  • Reporting with insights: Easily compare actuals to budgets. Filter data and view customised reports by day, week, month, employee, category, project, etc

How does Happay benefit employees?

  • Money Requests from mobile: Request money from your manager via your Happay app and get instant access to funds on Happay cards
  • No out-of-pocket expenses: No need to cover expenses out of your own pocket or wait for cash advances. Get funds pre-loaded on your Happay Card.
  • Real-time expense capture: See transactions being captured within seconds of a swipe on your mobile app. No more data entry.
  • Digitise paper receipts: Click a photo of your paper receipt and tag it to the expense instantly.
  • Categorise transactions: Quickly categorise the transaction once its done and add a short description if required.
  • Painless expense reports: Select expenses and submit them with a tap of a button from your smartphone. No data entry. No spreadsheets.
  • Real-time notifications: Get alerts on status of errors in reports, change in status of pending reports, manager comments on rejected expenses, etc

How does Happay help Auditors, Accounting and Finance teams?

  • High-speed reconciliation: Easily match expenses with their digitised receipts via web or mobile. Eliminate spreadsheets.
  • 24/7 visibility: Keep track of all transactions via mobile or online anytime.
  • Reporting with insights: Easily compare actuals to budgets. Filter data and view customised reports by day, week, month, employee, category, project, etc
  • Accounting integration: Happay expense data can be exported into accounting softwares you already use like SAP, Tally, QuickBooks, etc.

  • Businesses with a large and distributed workforce that require funds for expenses while on the move.
  • Businesses where employees travel frequently on business trips.
  • Businesses with multiple branches/centres/outlets/stores/offices who find it difficult to distribute and manage cash across locations.
  • Hyperlocal companies with a large feet-on-street fleet that needs access to cash for purchases and petty cash expenses.
  • Business who use spreadsheet based expense reporting process.
  • Businesses looking for smarter and economical alternatives to corporate credit cards.

There are products in the market that have attempted to address the problems related to business expense management but unfortunately they provide a limited solution; some provide only corporate expense cards while others provide only expense management softwares.

  • Happay is the only one that provides both - a corporate expense card and an expense management platform in one sophisticated solution. Happay makes expense management real-time, something that other solutions don’t.
  • With technology at its core, Happay enables businesses to disburse funds faster to employees, across locations. It automate expense reports, speeds up approvals, increases workflow efficiency and integrates the process from end-to-end, from fund disbursement to accounting.
  • This helps organisations save substantial time and cost.

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  • Prepaid: Unlike Credit Cards, Happay expense cards are prepaid. Employee spending is restricted to the amount of funds loaded on the card.
  • Controlled: Happay provides what most credit cards don’t – ability to control expenses before it occurs, you can –
    1. Set spend limits, restrict card spends by channels (online, POS, ATMs)
    2. Switch on, switch off cards from mobile
    3. Remove funds on the fly
    4. Transfer funds from one card to another
    5. Load money only when required and maintain a 0 balance otherwise
  • Economical: Happay cards come with a monthly subscription fee. You can cancel the account anytime. There are no annual fees, interest charges or credit limits. You don’t need to open a new bank account to get Happay.

Happay cards are similar to debit cards in that the money has to be loaded on the card first. But there are a few key differences

  • With Happay, admins also have unprecedented visibility and control over the amount of funds available on each card - in real time – they can restrict where the card can be used (Point of Sale, Online, ATMs) and to what extent.
  • Happay also allows you to load, reload, or even block in real time, with the click of a button.

These are some of the things which debit card providers don’t.


NO. One of the great things about Happay is that you don’t need to put yourself through the hassles of opening a new bank account every time you order Happay cards. The funds that you load into your Happay Pool account are held in an escrow account with our partner bank RBL. We open this escrow account for you so you don’t have to interact with the bank at all.

You don’t need to install any hardware or software to use Happay. The Happay admin as well as employee dashboard is accessible via the internet, from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Signing up for Happay takes 5 minutes. Get in touch with us, and our sales team will get back to you via call and email.

To get you started we need some basic information -

  1. Your Contact Details (Name, email and contact no.)
  2. Your Registered Company Address (For Card delivery)
  3. A scanned copy of Certificate of Incorporation (COI)
  4. Number of Happay Cards you need

  • Once we receive the above information from you, we will send you an email with the access link to your web dashboard. The same email will also have a link to download our mobile app.
  • Your cards will be delivered to your office address in 5-7 business days.
  • During that time, you can log into your dashboard and start adding admins and employees to Happay. (Our account management team will guide you through this process.)

As soon as cards are delivered, you can issue them to your employees instantly. Load money and let employees spend freely.

Happay cards can be used at any merchant that accepts Visa be it online or Point of Sales (POS). You can also use Happay cards at ATMs to withdraw money.

Happay is simple and economical. We charge you a monthly subscription fee.

  • No transaction fee. No annual fee. No cancellation fee.
  • There is NO CHARGE to download or access our real-time mobile app and our web dashboard, whether a cardholder or an admin.
  • The admin as well as the employee mobile app is available to download for FREE on the App Store and Google Play once your company is registered.

Happay is specifically designed for business use only. Funds in the Happay Account are owned by the business and intended for business spending only.

No. A Happay Account cannot be used as a substitute for a bank account. Businesses must have a current account already to transfer funds into Happay.

No, each card must be assigned to a single employee.

For employees spending more than INR 10000 per month on Happay card and using the card at ATMs, we require you to submit the scanned copies of employees' KYC documents (Proof of Identity and Proof of Address). Valid documents include Aadhaar Card, Passport and Pan Card (Will be accepted for Proof of Identity only).

For employees spending less than INR 10000 per month on Happay card and using the card at ATMs, you are required to submit just the Unique Identification number of of employees' KYC documents (Aadhaar Card/Passport/ Pan Card)

  • The funds that you load to your happay corporate account are deposited with our partner bank RBL and are protected under the bank security norms.
  • Over and above that, only authorized admins from your company can log into the happay dashboard and access these funds.
  • Happay falls under the regulation and supervision of RBI and operates within the RBI guidelines.
  • Happay is PCI DSS Certified.

The Happay mobile app for both admins and employees is available for download on Google Play and Apple Store. However, you will be able to sign in to the app only when you receive the credentials from us via email. For this, your company has to register with Happay first.

  • We have dedicated account managers for each client as well as fully functional support team to handle anything you need help with.
  • We also have handy user guides and video tutorials to guide you at every step.
  • You can reach our support team between (Mon-Sat, 10 AM – 7 PM), via call (080-3951-0101) or via email (
  • You can also submit your query on the Happay website -