The Digital Platform For Employee Reimbursements

65% Cost savings on Expense Reports I 100% Policy Compliance I
7X faster reimbursements

Employee Expense Reimbursement, Happay

Happay puts an end to manual and paper-based expense claims. Our web and mobile expense management platform automates and digitises the claims process from reporting to reimbursement - and eliminates unnecessary paperwork, errors and delays.

Employee Reimbursements, Happay

Paperless And Mobile Expense Reports

Our mobile app helps employees record expenses, scan bills and submit reports, easily, on-the-go. No tedious spreadsheets or paper receipts.

Employee Business Expense Reimbursements, Happay

Expense Policies That Enforce Themselves

Once you add your unique policy rules to Happay, our system analyses the rules and flags expenses that violate them. Next steps are made clear and actionable for approvers.

Employee Expense Reimbursement, Happay

Real-Time Recon And One-Click Reimbursement

As soon as reports are approved, Happay’s gives you a real-time cash balance summary with the amount to be reimbursed to the employee. Settle all reimbursements individually or in bulk, at preset dates, directly from the Happay platform


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