Goodbye Food Vouchers,
Hello, Happay Food Card!

Load food allowances on Happay cards and let your employees spend digitally. Zero paperwork for you. Higher tax savings for your employees.

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How Happay helps

Sign up for Happay online, Happay cashless revolution

One-click paperless distribution

Allocate food allowances to all employees at once using our web dashboard

Zero overhead costs, happay meal vouchers

Zero overhead costs

No recurring cost for printing of vouchers. No distribution costs. A truly digital process

Completely configurable , Happay digital meal card

Completely configurable

Configure card usage. Decide when and at which merchants the cards can be used.

Unlimited cards reloads, Happay digital meal voucher

Unlimited cards reloads

Reload funds to Happay cards, free-of-cost, anytime and any number of times.

Pan-India acceptance, Happay meal cards in india

Pan-India acceptance

Use Happay cards at all outlets that accept Visa. Want to order food online? Happay card works there too!

Longer Card Validity, Happay meal cards

Longer Card Validity

Don’t worry about expiry dates. Balance on Happay cards is valid for 5 years or as long as the cards are kept active by your company.

100% security & compliance, Happay food cards

100% security & compliance

Happay cards are fully compliant with RBI norms. Bank-level security and 24/7 fraud monitoring ensures safety of your money.

Easy tax savings, Happay employee benefits

Easy tax savings

Spend with Happay and save 30% of every food bill. Save tax at source. No need to submit tax proofs.

One card – multiple employee benefits

One Happay card can be linked to multiple wallets - food, medical, mobile, gifts and incentives, etc. giving your company a hassle-free way to manage any and all employee benefits.

How to get started

One-click paperless distribution, food meal card

Sign up for Happay online

Once you sign up, you can order and allocate Happay cards to all employees

Transfer Benefits with a click, Happay meal vouchers

Transfer Benefits with a click

Add money to your Happay account and load cards from your Happay dashboard

Manage benefits digitally, Happay food vouchers

Manage benefits digitally, online

Manage and track all employee benefits anytime and online, from your web dashboard.

Go digital and help employees save up to Rs13000 in taxes per year with Happay

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