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By: Team Happay
Published on: March 22, 2017

Why digital marketing expenses can be difficult to manage

Since digital marketing is accessible to everyone, brands big and small are building strategies and running campaigns to gain traction and bring in conversions. Advertising and marketing agencies have also shifted their focus towards digital marketing avenues. Investment on digital marketing has grown considerably, but it can get difficult to track, control and manage digital marketing expenditure. Brands and agencies may often overshoot or under utilise their marketing budgets.

Various platforms
There are multiple established platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Adverts, LinkedIn Marketing etc. where most brands run their digital campaigns. But since the online marketing is constantly changing, marketing teams and agencies don’t restrict themselves to just these platforms. Marketers are constantly trying out new campaigns on new platforms to find out what works for a particular brand and what doesn’t. Managing expenditure through all of these platforms is challenging.

Different billing cycles
With different platforms comes different billing cycles. Payment for some platforms need to be made before the campaign is run, while others are charged on the basis of the traction or conversion the campaign has gained through its run. Keeping track of the different billing cycles and expenditure in each platform can be cumbersome.

Differential pricing
Different campaigns have different pricing structures. Some campaigns are charged for on the basis of CPM whereas some are charged on CPL. Due to the varied pricing, digital marketers often have to spend a lot of time calculating the ROI from each campaign. Different platforms also deal with different currencies as well which makes payment a nightmare.

Multiple campaigns
Marketers today are running multiple campaigns for all their different products while focusing on different target groups, and call to actions simultaneously. Managing the cost of all these campaigns can be cumbersome. This problem is magnified exponentially for a marketing agency which deals with dozens of such brands simultaneously. Keeping track of each brand’s budget and providing the best results within it can be challenging without an expense management process.

With these complications in mind, Happay provides its Digital Marketing Expense Card, which is a pre-paid card that enables marketing teams and agencies to track, monitor and control spends and conversions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This card is exclusively tailored to suit the monetary requirement of a marketing team and give them a detailed financial summary of expenses and track the transactions on real time basis.

The one of a kind solution is able to monitor expenses across digital platforms on a single screen, set the limit on the amount that can be spent and plan budgets with more accuracy. The simple mechanism of the Happay expense card involves furnishing the card with a specific amount allocated for digital marketing and linking the card to all the online tools & different ad networks. You can then execute your marketing campaigns effortlessly.

  • Complete real- time visibility of all digital spends
  • Limits & policies on marketing expenses ensures no over spending
  • Monitor spends on multiple platforms concurrently
  • Data analysis on tap of a button

Leading marketing teams and agencies are using the Happay digital marketing card to manage their marketing spends. Schedule a demo with to learn how your team could benefit with Happay.

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