Ramesh Iyer
By: Ramesh Iyer
Published on: August 13, 2019

Happay has been in the T&E game since a long time and with a vast experience of conquering hardships on the path of T&E automation for over 5500 clients across 40+ verticals, we can say that we have mastered the art behind the science of T&E automation completely.

We believe in the simple motto that “We win when our customers win! Let’s WIN together…”. We have seen the section of Automated T&E evolve and have adopted to meet every requirement.

Our ability to make our customers winners defines our spirit of WinAbility…

What is Winability?

WinAbility is our ability to not just be winners but also lead our customers to the path of victory and make our customers winners in turn. We help clients win at every stage – using a consultative approach – guiding them on the path to automation, implementing the solution to fit their needs, helping with change management and product adoption. In our journey ahead, we are ready to face the sea of challenges that come along the path of our clients and help them succeed at their goals.

How we help our customers win you ask? Here’s how:

Our consultative starts with guiding the client through the Spends automation path. We understand the unique needs, hierarchies within a company, study the travel policy, travel partner ecosystem and legacy IT systems before suggesting any solution.

We then move to implementation of our highly customisable solution for their specific needs, at a stage where we help their data flow smoothly throughout various platforms, help them connect and integrate all their existing solutions. It doesn’t end there we continuously help them evolve, future proofing the solution.

    How we help with ROI improvement?

  • 7x faster processing of expenses
  • 90% increase in productivity
  • 96% reduction in paperwork
  • 100% visibility and policy compliance

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Our success story:

Numbers don’t define us, but having worked with over 5500 clients across 40 different verticals, with various client use cases, we have imprinted our unique mark on the world of T&E management. Click here to know why we are the widely adopted and loved by users!

CEO’s note:

The moniker ‘Most favoured automation partner’ doesn’t happen overnight. Constant touch with CFOs of our huge client base has helped gain a broader understanding of spend use cases. Hence, we can now claim to have conquered every possible T&E peak in India.
Varun Rathi, COO and Co-founder, Happay

“Let’s join hands and WIN together!”

Ramesh Iyer
Chief Revenue Officer at Happay
Ramesh Iyer is a technology professional with 25+ years experience in IT & Telecom. He is deeply involved in applying digital technologies for business transformation and enterprise growth. Ramesh is on the board of few Technology Start-ups and passionately cares in promoting ideations, entrepreneurship, skill development and employment generation.

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