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By: Team Happay
Published on: February 6, 2019

In today’s fast paced business environment the amount of business travel demanded of employees continues to rise. Rising trends such as bleisure – business and leisure during the trip represents challenge for the employee and the employer alike.

At the same time, there is an acknowledged need for greater visibility and control over the Travel & Expense process.

Join Sangita Thakur, Group Editor-CFO India, Sayamdeb Mukherjee, Divisional VP Planning & Control-United Breweries, Paresh Gupta, CFO-GVK Bio and Arijit Roy Director-Sales, Happay as they share their insight on How T&E Expense Management will shape up in 2019.

    Six T&E Trends That Will Take Off In 2019:

  • Great Employee Experience (EX) And Greater Mobility In T&E
  • Death Of Partial Automation In T&E
  • Effective Regulation Of Expense Frauds With AI And ML
  • Convergence Of Booking And T&E Systems, And More Integrations
  • Real-Time Expense Management And Faster Data Recovery
  • Shift From In-House/On-Premise To Saas And Cloud-Based Solutions

“Streamlining the travel and expense process can boost employee satisfaction while giving organizations a clearer information picture to support decision-making and other strategic needs.”– Paresh Gupta,CFO – GVK Bio

    • So how do we get to solving this challenges :

    • Focus on need : Today’s technology can provide a much needed boost to your efforts to improve capabilities. Solutions on cloud are not only cost effective but also secure. Analyse your company’s need to asses which technology can cater your business needs better.


    • Tightly integrate processes with an ERP system and vendors : To ensure that vital information and important steps don’t fall through the cracks, a travel-on-the-cloud approach requires strong links to other information systems and partners. Integrating a new system with an ERP system or with the interface for a vendor will be the key.


  • The CIO- CHRO -CFO Trio : CFO plays a pivotal role in terms of system regulation for the entire system in IT organisation and is becoming a strategic partner in deciding entire IT road map for any organisation. It requires the collaboration of other stakeholders as well. The CHRO takes care of employee function while CIO can suggest which technology to harness.

So here was our attempt at to analyse the roadmap for T&E in 2019.

This webinar was conducted on January 22, 2019

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