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By: Team Happay
Published on: June 16, 2015

The Turbocharged Solution to Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals.

A great sales team on the field is a very important component of having a successful business. The issue is there are various problems that hamper the efficiency of a sales team. Therefore it is vital to come up with a solution to all these issues, and ensure maximum productivity. Let’s take a look at some of these issues, and then we’ll tell you how we can turbocharge your sales team:

Cash Disbursement:

Every member of the on-field sales team needs to have access to enough cash in order to function. There are various expenses involved, from fuel to client dinners. It presents a real challenge to ensure that the cash requirements are met in a timely manner.

Cash Leakages:

With the volume of cash being handled, it is virtually impossible to ensure that every expense is accounted for. There is a high degree of difficulty for managers and employers to have proper visibility and control on the official expenses incurred by a sales team.

Need for Receipts:

The sheer number of expenses incurred by a sales team means that there will be a large number of receipts that need to be diligently collected by the salesforce. More often than not, this does not occur, and the only two possible outcomes are either a deduction of the expense from the employee or a loss taken by the company for the relevant amount, both of which are highly undesirable.

Approval Workflow:

Managers and employers spend a lot of time reviewing and approving expense reports filed by employees, in order to ensure that company policies are being followed in the incurring of business expenditure. This leads a huge loss in productivity, where the time could be better spend on more important matters.

Accounting and Reconciliation:

The accounts teams have to handle a high volume of expense reports, where there is a chance of missing receipts, expenses non-compliant to policy, etc., and this again leads to a lot of issues with the reconciliation with a loss of productivity on the everyone’s end, as expense reports need to be refilled due to these reasons, and there is a chance of reimbursements not given due to non-compliant expense. There is a major lack of control in these areas.

The Happay Solution:

Here at Happay, we have come up with the ultimate expense management solution for your sales team. Here are some of the key benefits of using Happay:

  • Go cashless with our Happay Cards and disburse cash with the click of a button from our web dashboard or mobile app.
  • Real time visibility over expenses incurred on the Happay Card.
  • 100% control. Limit the funds available on each card individually. Load and withdraw funds instantly. Control how and where cards can be used.
  • Eliminate the need to carry receipts with our mobile app. Just click a picture of the receipt, and upload it onto our servers.
  • Your sales team can save a lot of time with our automated expense reporting system.
  • Review and approve or reject expense reports on the go. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Accounting teams can reconcile and approve expense reports, and further integrate the reports into your accounting software.

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A great sales team on the field is a very important component of having a successful business. The issue is there are various problems that hamper the efficiency of a sales team.

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