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Published on: April 29, 2015

As a startup owner, you need to do a lot with less resources. Your time is critical and you need to make the most of it by using tools and technologies that help you to stay organised, be productive and efficient.

Get additional 94 hrs/month to grow your business with these 5 apps.

Here are 5 apps that make your day-to-day, paper based tasks- PAPERLESS, giving you more time to focus on tasks that grow your bottomline.

 1. Evernote –  Capture, store and organise all your ideas, plans, learnings and growth hacks in one place.

The workspace for your life’s work Evernote


As a business owner, you are constantly meeting new people, brainstorming with your employees, coming up with new ideas to grow, reading up on new industry trends, researching online and a lot more.

How do you capture notes, remember key discussion points or document insights from interesting articles? If you’re using paper, you’re wasting time. Evernote takes paper out of note taking.

  • Capture audio or text notes from your meetings and conferences.
  • Install Evernote’s Web Clipper for Chrome and collect everything that inspires you online in one account. Clip part or all of the webpage, including text, images and links. You can also annotate!
  • Use Evernote Clearly to read blog and web articles without the distraction of pop ups or ads.
  • Make the content you save easily searchable with tags and comments.
  • Share your notes with others directly from your Evernote account.
2. Google Drive –  Digitise paper, send files up to 15GB, edit documents offline and collaborate in real-time!

Google Drive Cloud Storage File Backup for Photos Docs More


File cabinets occupying too much space in your office? Convert physical cabinets into digital cabinets. Scan your paper documents and back them up on Google Drive – the most flexible and powerful file manager.

Besides storing files on cloud, GD has a lot of features that save you time.

  • Transfer large files effortlessly without attaching them to emails or copying them on pen drives. (Attachment limit – Gmail : 25MB GD: 15GB).
  • Edit Google Docs and Spreadsheets offline and sync those changes with their online counterparts once you reconnect to the internet.
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time. Simultaneously edit documents online. No dealing with multiple file versions and revisions.
  • Make Drive your default document location in Windows and Mac OS X so you can automatically save every new spreadsheet or document that you create.
3. CamCard –  Manage your business connections efficiently.

CamCard Professional Business Card Reader and Manager. Read Your Card Mind Your Business.


As a business owner, you network often and need to keep track of the people you meet and why. You have stack of business cards in your wallet, bag or drawer? How do you manage these?

CamCard does business card data entry for you and helps to eliminate business card clutter. At the outset, it might seem like your typical business card reader but it allows you to do a lot more.

  • After a meeting, you can’t always remember what you talked about with a certain person. Now you can, by adding a quick note to CamCard.
  • Make CamCard your standalone business card repository and separate it from your personal contacts.
  • Run out of business cards? No problem, share your e-business card via CamCard.
 4. Adobe Echosign  – Streamline daily administrative tasks.

Electronic Signature Software Digital Signatures eSign services from Adobe


Want to accelerate your signature based processes – signing of contracts, agreements and offer letters? EchoSign lets you sign documents electronically and send it to the concerned person, all in a span of minutes.

The best part about EchoSign is its notification feature where both the sender and the receiver get a notification once the signed document is returned. The file formats that EchoSign supports are common making it extremely useful and handy for startups.

5. Happay  –  Make business expense management cashless, paperless and mobile.

Happay Visa Cards for Business Expenses


What is that one aspect of owning a SME that you hate more than anything else? It is the necessity of keeping track of your employees’ expenses, especially if you have to do it on a daily basis, manually on paper!

  • Happay makes business expense management workflow paperless, automated and mobile.
  • With the Happay Visa Expense Card, your employees spend and automatically report expenses on their smartphone app. They snap photos of paper receipts and submit expense reports in seconds.
  • The best part is, you have the power to fund, track and control employee Happay cards on-the-go with happay’s mobile and web dashboard. What’s more incredible is that you get to do this in real time.
All the above solutions have one thing in common – they save you time!

About 23.5 hours per week by the estimation of IDC’s Information Worker Survey report – This is the extra time that you spend while working with documents – searching, filing, editing and consolidating documents. In a month, this amounts to 94 hours.

 Every hour spent in chasing paper is an hour taken away from making money!  Eliminate paper today!

As a startup owner, you need to do a lot with less resources. Your time is critical and you need to make the most of it by using tools and technologies that help you to stay organised

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