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By: Team Happay
Published on: March 10, 2017

How Health & Glow improved store productivity by 50%

Personal care retailer, Health & Glow operates more than 150 outlets across the country. To fund and manage operational expenses across these outlets, employees had to physically receive petty cash from regional offices and submit expense vouchers back to the regional offices. This meant that store employees were being wasted on managing petty cash expenses.

“More stores meant more manpower for managing expenses. Hiring resources just to manage store expenses wasn’t feasible.” – Head of Finance, Health & Glow

Employees had to file each store expense incurred into petty cash vouchers. A designated customer service associate had to carry these vouchers to the regional office to seek reimbursement. The finance team manually verifies each expense voucher with the receipts and entered the data manually into spreadsheets. After this is done customer service associates brought reimbursed fund physically to the branch.

Health & Glow seeked to find a way to distribute and manage petty cash expenses across their outlets. They adopted Happay Petty Cash Management Solution across 60 outlets. Now Health & Glow can instantly distribute funds on Happay Prepaid Cards to each outlet. Store employees can report expenses in a click and they don’t have to travel to the regional office every time. Through this, Health & Glow managed to improve productivity of certain store employees by more than 50%.

Read the Case Study to find out more.

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