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By: Team Happay
Published on: April 20, 2017


Every business traveller out there knows the pain of recording expenses for every trip: recollect all the expenses made, upload pictures of corresponding bills and create reports by the trip.

Happay’s Trip Tags

Happay’s Trip Tags are here to help you collate all your expenses related to a particular business trip in one place.

With Happay’s Trip Tags, you can create a new tag for every trip you take. All the expenses recorded from the date of creation of the tag until the end of the trip will be tagged with the name of the trip, and can be easily consolidated while submitting a report of all your expenses.

For instance, while going out on a trip to Mumbai, you can create a tag named ‘Mumbai’, and you can stop the tag once you return. All the expenses recorded in this duration will be automatically tagged with ‘Mumbai’. To account for multiple trips in a month, you can opt for tags that include the date of travel, like, Mumbai-Feb20th.

How To Create a Trip Tag

1. Open the Happay App on your phone, and click on ‘More Options’ under the expenses section, and choose ‘Create a Trip Tag’.


2. Enter the name of the tag, and click ‘Start’.


3. Click on ‘Create a Cash Expense’ to record any expense and you can see the tag auto filled under ‘Trip’.


4. You can view the trip tags associated with the expenses, and choose to submit them accordingly.


While submitting a trip report on the app, you can view the trip tag against the concerned expenses, and can choose to submit only those. This will not only simplify adding all the expenses related to your business trips, but also provide higher transparency into your company’s travel and trip spends.

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