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By: Team Happay
Published on: March 21, 2017


Your finance team is buried under expense reports of all your employees at the end of every month. It comes as no surprise that they tend to overlook expense policy violations at this time. Well, you’re not alone. Expense policy frauds accounted for a billion dollars in 2015.

Why contribute to an industry that is only resulting in a loss for you?

Happay’s expense automation allows you to build your company’s policies into the system which will come into action every time an employee submits his expense. Happay’s hard and soft block on policy violations is here to combat the expense frauds that come into play while employees submit their expenses. You can decide how to act on employees violating your company’s expense policies that are built into the system. There are two ways you can keep a check on your policy violations:

On activating the Soft Block feature for your company’s Happay account, an error message will be displayed to your employees at the time of submission of their reports, notifying them of the violation. Your employees can continue to submit expenses despite the policy violations. However, When the expense is submitted to you, you will also view the policy that was violated and you can act on it as seems appropriate.

Policies that are built into the system are checked as soon as an employee makes an expense on Happay. On activating the Hard Block feature, no expense can be submitted unless and until it falls well within your company’s policies


Over 50% of our clients have their policies embedded into the system and are using Hard or Soft blocks to keep a check on them. Set your policy blocks now, sit back, and witness the difference!

Our dedicated account management team will be glad to walk you through the process and guide you in every step to embed your policies and set up the block for your organization.

To embed your company’s expense policies into Happay and set policy blocks for your organization, please get in touch with your designated Account Manager or reach out to

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Team Happay
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