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By: Team Happay
Published on: April 4, 2017

Happay's Analytical excel

Managing a business is never easy, and more so, if you can’t see how the company’s money is being spent. Knowing exactly where your employees are spending, and how much, will help you allocate your business budgets better, and manage the spends wisely.

Analyzing a large number of excel sheets, and drawing conclusions for them, is monotonous and a misuse of valuable human resources. With Happay in place, we not only provide you a complete summary of your expenses, but will tabulate and categorize these spends according to how you want to view them.


Happay’s Analytical Excel is a feature that allows you to view and analyze your business spends as needed, in the form of Excel Pivot Tables. You can configure the rows and columns of the tables, to view the spend analytics, as you need. For example, you can choose Employee Name under row, and Category under column and see which category incurs most employee spends.


1. Login to your admin dashboard, click ‘Expenses and Summary’ and choose the ‘Export Data’ tab. Click on ‘Export to Excel’.

analytical excel_1.1

2. In the window that pops up, click on ‘Want an Analytical Excel’. Choose the fields you want as rows and columns, and click ‘Send me email’.

analytical excel_2.1

You will receive the analytical report to your registered email address in the next few minutes.

3. Download and open the excel file from your email to view the tabulated expenses.

analytical excel_5

This detailed analysis of their employee spends has helped over 25% of our clients to better allocate budgets and manage their finances. Our dedicated account management team will be glad to walk you through the process and guide you in every step to configure this feature and provide you with better spend analytics.

To configure the Analytical Excel feature for your company, and view your company’s employee spends, please get in touch with your designated Account Manager or reach out to

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