Dhriti Goyal
By: Dhriti Goyal
Published on: September 4, 2019

Till a few years back Corporate Spend Management was being managed in an archaic manner. Most businesses were managing spends which required a complete overhaul of workflow and internal processes. Newer players leveraged this unmet need and grabbed market share from the incumbent service provider.

Recent G2 ranking of top expense providers in Asia confirmed this market change and established Happay as the New Age Standard in Corporate Spend Management.

Happay beats Concur in G2 Asia Ranking

Happay had higher satisfaction scores on all six parameters of the study; for three areas, Concur didn’t even open the score.

Happay crossed Benchmark scores!

Happay is the New Age Standard in Corporate Spend Management. It beats the benchmark average scored by other vendors, on all the six parameters in their study.

How did Happay accomplish this unique distinction?

Happay has laid solid foundational principles – world-class engineering, migration frameworks and strong support teams. Here are some examples of how we achieved it-

  • Everything we do at Happay centres around making lives easier for our users, whether it’s helping them manage expenses at any time (from the cloud), from any device (desktop/tablet/mobile) or eliminating the need to do manual data entry
  • Our AI-powered capabilities such as auto-receipt scan, auto-import of data from SMSes, Gmail, credit card statements, travel apps such as Uber, etc. make expense reports a breeze for employees
  • Using our policy and approval engine, managers and finance teams can approve expense claims, control leakage, ensure compliance and process reimbursements with ease
  • Happay makes change management frictionless. Our team of implementation experts and customer support ninjas help enterprises right from implementation & testing to onboarding, training and engagement

Experience the New Age Standard in Corporate Spend Management today!

Dhriti Goyal
Head - Growth Marketing at Happay
Dhriti Goyal is heading Growth Marketing initiatives at Happay. She strongly believes that "Creativity with analysis is just a piece of Art".
Other than being a marketer, she is a trailblazer, Gastronome, a Rumi muser and globetrotter.
You can connect with her on Linkedin -https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhriti-goyal/

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