Dhriti Goyal
By: Dhriti Goyal
Published on: May 24, 2019

The past 5-10 years have seen a paradigm shift in employee behavior and their perception of ‘job satisfaction’. Money isn’t the only currency, especially for younger workers. People are looking for something bigger than a paycheck and as the largest workforce group, Millennials, want greater flexibility, autonomy, and learning opportunities.

All this and a lot more was talked about in the latest Employee Experience Summit held at Mumbai on Dec 13, 2017.

There were some really interesting sessions that themed from technology-driven employee experiences to the adoption of cloud in HR functions.

The morning session included a host of key speakers from companies like Infosys, Pineperks, Reliance etc. A very interesting talk was given by CS Krishnakumar, Essar on how to make design thinking a part of company’s philosophy, creating solutions that are simple, enjoyable & compelling. Most of all emphasizing that business success, is, in fact, a part of the human-focused approach.

Another compelling yet simplistic session given by Seema Anand from Taj Hotels gave us an overview of the “Tajness” that has been inculcated as core values in every Taj employee, which is what makes the prestigious chain of hotels what it is today.

After a hearty lunch while networking with the greats that were out there, Ramesh Iyer from Happay, gave an enlightening session on “Reimagine employee expenses & benefits management” where he started off by mentioning how technology is becoming an important enabler of driving positive employee experience. Cloud being the latest trend in tech, he gave an insight into how many SMEs in India have adopted cloud for various pillars that come under the umbrella of HR, like payroll, employee benefits, HR analytics etc.

An important correlation he made was, with an increase of cloud adoption, there is an increase in self-serve tools available for mobiles, because of which about 47% of HRs have started doing tasks on mobiles which they once did on a computer. This has immensely helped in employee productivity over the last two years.

Continuing with theme of technology adoption & with the latest RBI guidelines about digital employee benefits coming into picture, it was only characteristic to mention how digitization in this function will help productivity and happiness amongst employees.

Happay’s flexi-benefit solution is suitable for any organization size and can be easily integrated with existing HRMS and payroll systems. This platform makes the distribution of employee benefits in bulk as easy as a cash transfer with one click of a button. With real-time visibility and control, it is extremely easy to monitor spend trends and apply limits when necessary.

Employees can finally say goodbye to paper vouchers and the hassles of counting and losing them time and again! What makes this solution unique is the powerful Corporate expense card that is given to every employee, interlinked to a web and mobile platform that enables corporates to seamlessly manage all kinds of business spends.

Happay’s revolutionary platform has been instrumental in automating the age-old system of employee expense management, Vendor payments, Opex expenses, Salary disbursement & Petty Cash Payments.
I would like to thank UBS Transformance and all the members for pulling up this beautiful gathering.

Dhriti Goyal
Head - Growth Marketing at Happay
Dhriti Goyal is heading Growth Marketing initiatives at Happay. She strongly believes that "Creativity with analysis is just a piece of Art".
Other than being a marketer, she is a trailblazer, Gastronome, a Rumi muser and globetrotter.
You can connect with her on Linkedin -https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhriti-goyal/

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