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By: Team Happay
Published on: February 28, 2017

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Almost all of us have experienced the panic that kicks in when we lose our credit or debit cards. Some of us have even walked into the trap and divulged critical banking and card information over the phone.

Damage control post this is usually tediously long: innumerable phone calls to the customer care, that more often than not, is busy, followed by numerous trips to the bank. Reducing all of this to one click is Happay’s Card Deactivation feature.

How does Happay’s Card Switch On/Off work?
Happay cards can be turned off directly from the menus in the web and mobile dashboards. Employees can simply toggle the switch present in the menu under User/Card Details to stop the card from functioning. The feature presents its advantages in numerous scenarios. The card can be turned off in case of a planned inactivity. For example, an employee can turn his card off prior to taking a long vacation during which he has no use for the card.

Managers can also turn the cards off, in case of a suspected misuse, or employee resignation. The cards once turned off by managers, cannot be turned on by employees. One of our clients, in fact, uses this feature to switch the cards off in case the employee has no immediate access to the same.

Simple and secure, isn’t it?

Try it on your dashboard now!

To know more, reach out to or call us at 080-39510101 to schedule a demo.

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