Varun Mehta
By: Varun Mehta
Published on: May 24, 2019

A memorable evening spent with the best of CFO’s across the country. The CFO 100 Awards held at Leela, Mumbai on 16th March brought together the who who’s of the corporate world on one single platform which recognized CFO’s for their exemplary work in the field of their expertise and gave them the deserved accolades for their achievements.

The event clocked presence of over 100 CFO’s from some of the most prominent and growth oriented organizations. Some were industry veterans where as some had just made a mark for themselves among st industry peers. It was heartening to see them being cheered by the fraternity.

The event started off with CRISIL’s Chief economic Advisor, Dharmakirti Joshi focusing on India’s growth as compared to the World over the last decade and how Industry leaders with their business acumen powered with progressive thoughts of today’s millennial will impact outcome and foster growth. He also pointed out the need to factor in the bold and brave economic steps taken by the government keeping in mind where India can be by 2022 against the developed nations of the world.

In today’s rapidly progressing world of technology where nothing is constant except change, how well a country and it’s economy adapts to technology is what defines their capabilities to touch the sky. At the base of this ambition is the foundation stone laid by various prominent organizations and the corporate world as well.

Cashless and paperless office: A Far-fetched dream or a plausible reality

Circling on India, approximately 45 percent of the workforce comprises of millennials and organizations are required to look at their decades old processes and policies in place, because change and adoption is what will drive growth and create an environment desirable by employees. It is right said, satisfied employees make successful organizations.

From an organisation perspective, the CFO’s & CXO’s role has evolved dramatically over the years and does not merely restrict them within the confines of their office, but also empowers them to take bold decisions in the ever-changing macro-economic and technology driven environment. With the right kind of technology in place, they have access to accurate data points which help them and the various stakeholders to take right decisions at the right time.

One such rapidly growing organisation is Happay (, led by IIT’ians who have the exemplary vision of revolutionizing the way Business organisations make and manages all of their spends. Their vision is to become a global force to reckon with and a preferred technology partner of choice.

Happay’s Cloud First Mobile first new age Travel & Spend Management platform provides exactly this on one’s fingertips. Happay’s aim is to take your organisation miles ahead of your competitors.

During the course of the event before the awards ceremony, Mr. Ramesh Iyer who himself is an industry veteran and widely recognised for setting up T&E landscape in India, spoke about how critical in today’s day and age is optimizing and automating one’s organization’s Travel and Spend Management process, because it is important to streamline as well as automate redundant & manual processes as it affects each and every stakeholder involved in the Expense Life cycle process.

Happay, driven by the zeal and passion to make problems faced at different levels by different people in the organisation their own, have been successfully associated with 4500 + corporate clients Pan-India across 30+ business verticals & domains. The platform covers the length & breadth of Travel & Business spend management and offers an intuitive platform built on cutting edge technology for every stakeholder involved in the process of managing them.

As per GBTA and Oversight Systems latest report, the T&E market globally is expected to grow at 7% – 8% CAGR with Spends on Business Travel touted to treble from current USD 30 Billion by 2025 predominantly led by increased global reach & expanding operations.

For T&E players, growth will be primarily driven by identifying the gaps in existing processes, designing solutions by working with CXO’s hand-in-hand & making stakeholders realize the importance of adopting to latest technology & best practices. Of course change will be attributed to CXO’s taking bold decisions towards Business Process Transformation.

Let’s transform processes together.

Varun Mehta
Regional Manager at Happay
Varun Mehta is the Regional Manager - West at Happay. He is a Fin-tech enthusiastic and likes to read.

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