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By: Team Happay
Published on: June 9, 2015

Let’s face it, when you have a job that entails a large amount of travel, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. Your taxi might cancel at the last minute. Or, you might need to locate something ASAP. There are times where the hotel messes up your reservations. And, these are just a few of the many issues that plague business trips. We’ve created a list of apps to help ease those pains, and hopefully ensure that you have a great business trip!

6 Apps Which Guarantee A Hassle Free Business Trip.

1. WorldMate – Take Charge of Your Business Trip.
Available On: Android, iOS.

WorldMate is the perfect app to ensure that you’re on top of every little detail of your trip. You  can use it to get all of your itineraries and reservations in one place, and then add other destinations, appointments, meetings, and events that you need to attend when you’re out and about.


• WorldMate gives you automatic travel briefings and alerts; or notifications when there’s something you should know about the place you’re going, your scheduled events for the day, connecting flight information (as soon as you land), and so on.
• Everyone gets access to Wold real-time currency converter, weather forecasts for your destination (or each leg of your trip), world clocks, etc., while paying users get some really cool features like flight status alerts.

2. Uber – Hail a Cab.
Available On: Android, iOS.

The best on the go cab service in the country, hands down. You can book a cab, anytime, anywhere, with their mobile app, and it saves you the hassle of looking for cabs, or God forbid, auto rickshaws.


• An elegant and efficient UI, ensures efficiency in getting a cab.
• You can track the cab’s movements as well as the driver’s rating and contact information.
• Convenient point to point billing.
• Payments made directly from a bank account linked to the app ensure complete efficiency.

3. OYO Rooms – Find a Place to Stay.
Available On: Android, iOS.

Finding a comfortable place to stay during trips is essential, but there is also a need to look at budget constraints. OYO Rooms solves this problem neatly, by offering reasonably priced accommodation with all the necessary amenities.

OYO Rooms

• You are assured an A/C Room with a T.V, complimentary breakfast, and Wi-fi service.
• 24×7 customer support service in 15 major travel destinations including Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.
• This app lets you search and book a hotel, browse their list of hotels in the city or explore them on a map, and manage your bookings and experience in-room services.

4. Waze – Navigate the City.
Available On: Android, iOS.

Waze offers free travel directions just like other GPS based navigation apps. But, one thing that makes Waze truly outstanding is the social connect it offers users. The application works on both low end and high end devices, but users require an active GPRS connection as maps are loaded on the go.

• Waze utilizes inputs from local users and provides alerts and information to other users in order to make driving pleasurable.
• For instance, a Waze user can upload information about a traffic jam or about an accident that has caused a jam on a particular route, and the application will make the information available to other users opting for that route.
• The app provides alerts as on-screen pop-ups along with audio notification. Street level navigation can be enjoyed over the simple user interface featuring large size software buttons. The maps can be used in regular mode and even night mode.
• Waze anchors the social connect that allows the users to spot fellow folks on the map.

5. Ask Me – Get Your Bearings.

Available On: Android, iOS.

Look for a cafe near you? Or want to get you laptop repaired? ASKME is here to help you with all your local information needs – be it local search, classifieds, or deals around you.


• The Ask Me app conveniently searches for places to eat shop, drink, relax and play. Read reviews from an active community of locals in your neighbourhood and take informed decisions.
• Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses, and call them instantly from the ASKME app.
• Also get additional Business information, such as ratings, payment methods and opening hours, to help make your choice easier.

6. Happay – Report expenses on-the-go.

Available On: Android, iOS.

When you’re on the road— attending conferences, meeting prospects or closing deals, the last thing you want to do is waste time putting together your expense receipts and reports. Happay takes care of expense reports for you.


•Go cashless by using the Happay card for all transactions including POS, ATM withdrawals and online purchases.
•The app automatically records all expenses on the card, and you can record cash expenses in just a couple of minutes. Eliminate the hassle of carrying receipts by snapping a photo of the receipt – this gets automatically uploaded, and you’re good to go.
•You can start a trip on the app, which records all expenses from that point, till you end the trip in a single report, and make submitting expense reports even easier.
•Create expense reports from the app in a matter of minutes, and upload it instantly to your manager and finance team.
•You can even request for funds with the click of a button.

What do you think about these apps? Know any other apps that would help business travelers? Let us know in the comments!

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Let’s face it, when you have a job that entails a large amount of travel, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.

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