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Published on: July 16, 2015

5 Apps That Transform You Into A Sales Superhero

A sales professional is truly the champion of any organization; a superhero who is expected to shoulder a ton of responsibility – from generating leads, to bringing in new business, to managing clients, overseeing meetings, down to managing, reporting, and tracking expenses. To add to this, a sales professional is required to carry out a lot of these activities on-the-go and provide real time updates either through calls or by logging into various portals.

A lot of these processes can be simplified to deliver better results, optimize resources, and increase efficiency. Here are 5 apps that will not only simplify processes, but also help in closing more deals. How? Because they take the effort away from mundane processes and help channel it toward selling better – the priority for any sales professional.

  1. Schedule meetings the simpler way with Calendly

Even with the advent of Skype, sometimes meetings are unavoidable and can be a real hassle, especially impromptu ones. Calendly offers a hassle-free meeting scheduling experience as it syncs with your Google calendar and communicates both ways – with you and your clients.

  • Sign up for free through Goggle+ or Office 365. No credit card required
  • Sync Calendly with your primary Google Calendar
  • Share your Calendly page with others and have them choose an appropriate time
  • Add specific events inside Calendly

With Calendly, save precious time and have more high-quality interactions with clients by making it really easy for them to connect with you.

  1.  Up your sales game with Zoho

Over the past years, Zoho Suite has emerged as the leader in Cloud. The Zoho Sales and Marketing Suite is a brilliant software that offers everything a sales professional would need to drive business and gain an insight into his customer. It has everything you need to boost sales, step up productivity. It helps you automate your day-to-day activities so that you can focus on selling and not on maintaining data.

  • Zoho CRM – lets you close more deals in lesser time by offering a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle. It also help you identify trends, spot opportunities, and reduce costs.
  • Build powerful online forms and create, send, and track effective campaigns on the go with Zoho Forms and Zoho Campaigns Modules
  • Create and take your surveys anywhere with Zoho Surveys and organize your contacts and collaborate better with your team through Zoho ContactManager
  • Convert your website visitors into customers and gain actionable insights into marketing with Zoho Sales IQ and Zoho Sites.
  1. Manage your business cards with ease with Cam Card

Like all superhero memorabilia, for a sales professional, business card are the apt equivalent. The more business cards he has, the better his connections and the more likely he is to get business. But business cards cards are bulky and bigger the number, the more difficult it is to find someone in the pile. Cam Card has just the solution for those of you who love them cards – e-business cards stored on your smartphone.

  • Quick entry: Capture all relevant information quickly, accurately read, and save to your smartphone
  • Exchange e-cards: with new people wherever you go, go paperless
  • Manage your cards: Add notes, set reminders, search effortlessly, and tag and share cards
  • Bonus features: Read cards in 16 languages, get notifications, and synchronize cards across devices
  1. Navigate your way to success with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A sales professional not being a part of LinkedIn is unheard of. To take things up a notch, LinkedIn introduces Sales Navigator, to promote the science of social selling, something LinkedIn believes will create 45% more opportunities and be 80% more productive.

  • Separate login: Now a standalone product, the new navigator has its own separate login that reduces the need for a lot of the manual searches
  • Recommendations: Navigator will recommend lead contacts based on your past history and send updates on decision makers that work with your contacts
  • First impressions: Navigator provides premium profile options like larger headshots and background images to go along with some of the usual suggestions for improvements
  1.    Track and manage your business expenses like a pro with Happay

While on-the-job expenses are something that every sales professional incurs, expense reporting is something most sales professionals wish they didn’t have to do; it’s a cumbersome, time consuming process that is prone to errors as it is done manually. Automated expense management is the way ahead – simple, real-time, and paperless!

  • Automated expense management: Spend with the Happay Card and capture expenses automatically on the Happay mobile app, in real-time. Digitise paper receipts and generate expense reports with a click of a button. No manual data entry. No spreadsheets.
  • Faster access to funds:  Get access to funds instantly while you’re on the road. Request for funds from your managers with a click of a button.
  • Accepted everywhere: Happay Cards are accepted anywhere at any Visa merchant online, in-store and at ATMs.

Check out Happay’s expense reporting solution here, and register for a free demo with our product experts in order to ramp up your sales.

While these are just few the apps that can up a sales professional’s game a notch, we’re sure there are many more that can reduce the burdens of a sales job. Do comment below and share with us some apps that you think are worth checking out.


A sales professional is truly the champion of any organization; a superhero who is expected to shoulder a ton of responsibility – from generating leads, to bringing in new business, to managing clients

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