Automated Expense Management

Happay enables your team to submit, approve and verify expense reports in seconds, via web or mobile.

How Happay Works

Each employee gets his/her own pre-funded Happay Prepaid Card. They make purchases with their Happay Card and report expenses on-the-go.

Employees submit expense reports on mobile.

Happay automatically populates details of Happay Card transactions into its mobile app, saving employees the time and effort of manual data entry. Employees can snap photos of expense receipts and generate expense reports with a click of a button. Even cash and mileage expenses can be easily added to Happay.

Managers approve expense reports in seconds.

Managers can view expense reports submitted by employees via their web or mobile dashboard. They can approve or reject expenses with a click of a button.

Finance teams reconcile expenses with ease.

Once expense reports are approved by managers, finance teams can verify them from web or mobile. They can easily match expenses with digitized receipts and import expense data to their accounting system.

What our customers are saying...

"Ecozen is a proud Happay Customer. We strongly recommended it to other startups to do away with expense reporting and cash management woes."

Devendra Gupta, CEO, Ecozen

"Happay has streamlined our process and made it paperless. Also, we are spending 70% less time in managing expenses. As a secondary effect, some of our other business processes have also become faster, as people can decide on their own now."

Sony Jacobs, Finance & Accounts,Windmills Craftworks

Direct integration with accounting

Finance and accounting teams can import audit ready, expense reports directly into Tally or any other accounting software.

Save more than 90% time with Happay.

Happay’s automated expense reporting workflow enables you and your team to manage expenses faster and more efficiently.

Are you ready to automate expense reports?

Get started with Happay and witness the jump in productivity brought about by expense report automation.