All-In-One Expense Management Software
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Bring all your business expenses on one platform. Fund, track and manage them online, from any mobile or desktop device.

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A simple and intuitive expense management solution - focusing on people, not paper

Intuitive Expense Management Solution - Happay

With its smart prepaid cards and expense management software, Happay empowers your employees to spend and report expenses digitally while helping company administrators manage all expenses online.

This means less paperwork, less wasted time and happier people.


Paperless expense reporting workflow from report submission to reconciliation

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Intelligent business expense management features at your fingertips

Limits & Controls,  Happay Expense Reimbursement Solution

Limits & Controls

Empower employees without losing control. Use channel-specific limits, MCC based rules and card deactivation features to keep expenses in check.

Real-Time Expense Feeds, Happay Online Expense management

Real-Time Expense Feeds

View all company spending in one place as it happens. See all expenses categorised and tagged and supported with bill attachments.

In-Built Expense Policies, Happay Manage Business Expenses

Smart Policy Checks

Add your company’s expense policies to Happay and ensure 100% compliance with our policy red flags and notifications.

Multi-tier Approvals, Happay Expense Management for Business

Multi-tier Approvals

Customise approval workflows as per your hierarchical structure. Set up deviation workflows to handle variations and anomalies.

Cut-Off Dates & Reminders, Happay Expense Management Solution

Cut-Off Dates & Reminders

Set up cut-off dates for report submission and approvals and enable notifications that prompt users to get things done on time.

Reconciliation Summaries, Happay Expense Management Software

Reconciliation Summaries

Easily verify the amount of money spent and the amount outstanding with the employee or the company. Close books on time.

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Start managing employee expenses without cash and tedious paperwork. Empower employees to spend digitally while staying in control. Track all employee spending in one place and sync data easily with your accounting software.

Employee flexi-benefits Expense Management - Happay

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Manage your entire travel workflow - from travel requisitions and advances to reporting and recon using one integrated solution. Take control of all travel expenses, ensure 100% policy compliance and give your business travelers a great experience.

employee travel and expense software - Happay

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Tailor-made for multi-chain retail businesses, Happay’s petty cash cards enable instant distribution of petty cash across locations. Our web/mobile apps empower staff to report and reconcile expenses online - with zero paperwork

petty cash management system - Happay

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HR/admin teams can now distribute employee benefits like food vouchers and medical allowances on Happay cards and manage these benefits from an easy-to-use digital platform.

Employee flexi-benefits - Happay

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Built for marketing teams who need corporate cards for paid campaigns, tools and online purchases. Happay cards can be linked to all digital platforms including Facebook, Salesforce, Google, Twitter etc. They are also accepted on all international payment gateways

Reimbursments Management - Happay

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Processing multiple vendor payments at frequent intervals over a month? Addvendors, pre-schedule payments, track invoice statuses easily using Happay's web platform.

expense reporting systems - Happay

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Simple Setup. Fast Adoption

Sign Up Online, Happay Business Expense Solutions

Sign up online

Sign up for Happay online. Add employees to the system and allocate Happay prepaid cards to them

Set Up Your Account, Happay Expenses Control Solution

Set up your account

Configure all company settings like spend limits, categories, approval workflows, company policies, etc

Manage Spending, Happay Employee Expense Management

Manage Spending

Manage all spending from one place via our web dashboard and our mobile apps.

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Happay Award-Winning , Happay Employee Expense Cards

Effortless onboarding and implementation

Our customer success team comprising of ex-Bankers, finance executives and technocrats will make your transition to Happay quick, effortless and delightful.

Happay Integrations, Happay Employee Expense Reporting

Easy integration with existing systems

Happay integrates with key ERP, HRMS and Accounting softwares that Indian
companies use - making it easy for you to sync your data with our platform anytime

Happay Integrations Companies, Employee Expense Reporting Software
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Get started with Happay today.

Our business experts will help you analyse your current processes and understand how digitisation can help you maximise ROI and efficiency

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