How the FinTech segment fared in 2016


“The mass adoption of real-time payment (RTP) systems around the globe has contributed to an environment in which many consumers, merchants, and financial institutions expect to be able to pay friends and customers, settle bills, and transfer money at the click of a button.”

Happay Growth Story

Jan 11, 2017

What Happay provides is the card which is integrated with the software. It is an amalgamation of a card powered by a software which allows the management to track the transactions on real-time basis, set limits, and policies, fund instantly and it can be seamlessly integrated with the accounting software.....more

The current product takes care of all the expenses that any business incurs. It’s an end-to-end solution that which streamlines the whole workflow from expense reporting to reconciliation. It gives the management real time visibility and control over business spends....more

There seems to be a lot of short term anguish in the aftermath of the demonetisation move. But if we look closely, we can see the tremendous potential that the move has for benefitting Indian businesses through a digital push....more

Necessity is the mother of ‘jugaad’ in India’. We can never be too surprised with the small and little innovative ways that our country comes up with to deal with any sudden ‘calamities’. In B2B, every FinTech company is trying to mould their offerings to support their customers best...more

All the banks and fintech companies have huge opportunity to capitalise on the estimated INR 1500000 Crore being converted into either digital money or new currency notes. At Happay, we have been working overnight to help businesses with a smooth transition from cash to cashless payments....more

According to latest data by analyst firm Venture Intelligence, VC investments in nine months of 2016 dropped 24 percent to 290 deals (worth USD 1 Billion) compared to 381 deals (worth USD 1.5 Billion) in the same period 2015. The coupling of Jan Dhan accounts, Aadhaar and now Mobile wallets with demonetisation can prove to be a godsend for fintech startups in the country....more

Total investment, globally, in fin-tech companies exceeded US$19 billion as VC-backed fin-tech companies globally drew US$13.8 billion, more than doubling 2014’s funding total. With Fin-Techs venturing into more than just payments technology, investor interest is beginning to manifest itself in a variety of sub-segments such as investing, lending, wealth management, credit reporting among others....more

Necessity is the mother of ‘jugaad’ in India’. We can never be too surprised with the small and little innovative ways that our country comes up with to deal with any sudden ‘calamities’. In B2B, every FinTech company is trying to mould their offerings to support their customers best....more

2015 is the year that took world of payments by a storm & was rightly termed as a year for Financial Technology & we cannot agree more. Fin-tech industry is the traction has only become stronger in 2016. The companies have used innovative measures to fill the long existing gaps in terms of customer experience which were long due. We now have a fin-tech company for every kind of financial needs....more

Traditional MIS systems especially those used for revenue and expense reporting, are saddled with inaccuracy, inconsistency, and unmanageable complexity. The way the data is collected, stored, compiled and presented to CFOs makes it unfit for analysis and decision making....more

Happay is an intelligent and intuitive expense management solution that offers Prepaid Cards powered by Visa or MasterCard, and can easily be managed and controlled via desktop and mobile. Recently, the company launched a new product — Happay Digital Marketing Expense Card, a prepaid card designed to track, monitor and control marketing spends and conversions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis....more

Necessity is the mother of ‘jugaad’ in India’. We can never be too surprised with the small and little innovative ways that our country comes up with to deal with any sudden ‘calamities’. In B2B, every FinTech company is trying to mould their offerings to support their customers best....more

Automated expense management provides significant insight by providing CXOs with real time visibility on the expenditure incurred. Financial reports and analytics on expenditure and left over budget help in planning and budgeting, while giving greater control over the expenditures incurred....more

Bolstered by the Modi-led Government, India's total travel spend is expected to grow 9.8% in 2015 and 10.9% in 2016. At a time when organizations push for greater efficiencies, corporate travelers are urged to be more conscientious of costs, without compromising on policy compliance and business outcomes....more

10 hottest startups

Oct 13, 2015

A part of Nasscom’s EMERGE 50 2015 Awards, which search for India’s most innovative emerging information technology (IT) product companies, EMERGE 10 identifies the top 10 hottest” start-ups....more

Startup stories

Oct 13, 2015

Today , they have some 500 business customers and are growing rapidly . But early in their venture, there were times when they felt they would fail, times when they desperately felt like getting back to the cushy corporate jobs that they had left behind. Anshul Rai and Varun Rathi had joined Tata Power and Microsoft, respectively , after graduating from IIT Kharagpur in 2010. Two years down, they quit the jobs to found Happay , an expense management solution for businesses....more

The next time you order grocery from an online retailer, the delivery boy may swipe a debit card at the nearest kirana store or petrol station. In order to control leakages and reduce cash handling, grocery and hyperlocal startups in India have started handing out debit cards and virtual wallets to delivery boys....more

The first product we created was peer-to-peer payments app. It was the first network and bank agnostic payments app in India," says Varun Rathi, Co-Founder at Happay, talking about how the company evolved from a B2C to a B2B solution in February this year. The change in focus seems to have paid off,....more

Expense management of employees has always been a challenge for employers. Even for the employee, saving bills, sorting them out and getting them in place consumes a huge amount of time. Most business expenses are still made in cash, and the management has no real control or visibility into how their money is being spent,....more

The term ‘petty’ has been carried over as legacy, but the volumes have become sizeable percentage of the ‘Operational cash-flow’ of a business. It's funny it is still called petty cash, but now it needs to be controlled and tracked with equal (if not more) sophistication as other Business Expenses....more

When water cooler conversations at office shift from pleasantries about weekend getaways to gripes about arduous expense processes, one can be certain that the most painful time of the month is looming large. Paper receipts fly out of employees' wallets in the bleak hope of speedy reimbursement, department overspends spring out at surprised managers....more

With digital technology in the reach of small businesses, Indian tech start-ups, which traditionally had clients only in the US and Europe, are looking to sell more to small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India....more

Happay eyes SMEs

Jul 17, 2015

Happay, a start-up has introduced a tool that helps most businesses tackle petty expenses on real time. While almost every business function has been automated today, expense management hasn’t seen much innovation and has remained largely paper-based for a very long time....more

On-demand delivery firm Grofers has partnered with Happay, a start-up, which provides pre-paid card-based business expense management solution.Grofers will disburse cash to its delivery executives through Happay’s card....more

Happay, a city-based startup specialising in the payments services, has raised $500,000 (about Rs 3 crore) from AngelPrime, a seed-stage fund based in Bengaluru. The three-year old company offers customised prepaid cards that can help companies quit the tedious process of managing expense claims by automation....more

Founded in 2012, Happay is a business expense management solution that streamlines an organization’s expense workflow. It is an end-to-end solution that take cares of expense management to reporting and gives real-time visibility and control over business spending....more

On the sidelines of LetsIgnite (an event organised for angel investors in India by online deal-making platform LetsVenture on April 22), leading VC funds like IDG Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners told e27 that fin-tech is the next industry — after consumer Internet — that is poised to see the most number of actions in the coming years....more

Bangalore-based expense management service Happay has partnered with RBL bank to launch Happay Visa Cards for corporates with built-in expense management service. As part of this partnership Happay will offer its cloud-based expense management solution that can manage, monitor and track expenses on the card remotely....more

Happay Card is a product of start-up Happay, founded by IITians from Kharagpur, Anshul Rai and Varun Rathi in 2012. It is one of its kind, business expense management solution that streamlines an organization’s expense workflow from end-to-end (expense reporting to accounting) and gives real-time visibility....more

India-based startup happay is looking to disrupt the nation’s expense reporting segment. The company has teamed up with RBL Bank to launch a new credit card for business customers that helps organize and automate the expense reporting process....more

TLabs incubated expense management & mobile wallet service provider Happay has tied-up with RBL Bank to launch Happay Visa Cards for corporate entities with built-in expense management service, reports The Economic Times. As part of the deal, Happay’s cloud-based expense management service will be integrated....more

Business expense management solutions firm Happay has tied up with RBL Bank to launch the 'happay Business Expense VISA Card' that allows businesses to easily record expenses and manage accounts. The system allows organizations to replace their manual business expense management systems with VISA cards....more