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Make expense management cashless, paperless & mobile.

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Happay takes 15 minutes to set up but saves you 150 hours per month.
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What is Happay ?

Happay is a one of its kind, business expense management solution that streamlines your expense workflow from end-to-end (expense reporting to reconciliation) and gives you real-time visibility and control over business spends.

Simply provide your employees with Happay VISA cards and let them spend freely. Track and approve expenses, load or withdraw money, set limits and manage cards from the Happay dashboard and mobile dashboard.

How Happay works

Give happay cards to all employees who spend on company’s behalf, for any kind of business expense. Happay VISA cards are accepted everywhere - online, in-store VISA merchants and any ATM.

Happay VISA Cards Sales
Happay VISA Cards Marketing
 Happay VISA Cards Admin

Streamline expense reports from end-to end

Happay streamlines your expense workflow from expense to accounting. Expenses are captured automatically by employees. Report approvals are super fast for managers, and reconciliation is quick and easy for accounting teams.

Happay Streamline expense reports, Business Expense Software


Set spending limits, budgets and policies.

Decide budgets for individual's card. Define policies and approval flow. Set hard and soft spend limits. Get alerts and take action on out-of-policy expenses.

Happay Set Budgets, Happay Expense Management


Decide how much can be spent on individual cards on a monthly basis.

Happay Switch Cards ON/OFF, Visa Expense Management


Switch cards off with a single click, when not in use. Switch them on when required, instantly.

Happay Set Prefernces, Employee Expense Cards


Allow cards to be used anywhere or restrict usage.

Get analytics that actually matter - at your fingertips.

Easily compare Budgeted vs. Actual Spend. Analyze expenses by employees, categories, departments, time period and more. At a glance, you can see which categories have the highest spend and take proactive actions.

Happay analytics , Company Business Expenses Card

Discover the smarter way to manage business expenses.

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